1. What should I wear?

Most of our men wear a suit and tie, but you are welcome to come in whatever makes you feel comfortable. Here at Shiloh, we feel that we are honored to worship and serve the King of kings and Lord of lords; therefore, we always want to wear and be our best for Him.

2. Accessibility? 

Our building and restrooms are handicap accessible. We also provide hearing assistance systems.

3. Do you provide childcare during worship times?

Childcare is provided for infants and toddlers. Children ages 4-6 participate in children’s worship during the services. Children ages 7 and up stay with parents during the services. All childcare workers have had mandatory background checks.

4. How big is the church?

We have 450 active members.

5. With whom do I talk if I want to know more?

Contact the church office at (704) 283-4451.