SBC Children’s Ministry


The goal of Children’s Ministry at Shiloh Baptist Church is to provide a safe, loving and learning environment for preschool (birth-five years) and children (1st-5th grade) to come to know the Heavenly Father as Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ, as their personal Lord and Savior. We strive to accomplish this goal through the Bible teaching organization of Sunday School, the weekly worship services, the mission education organizations of W.M.U. and Baptist Men, and the Children’s Activity Committee.

Child Safety Policy

Shiloh Baptist Church is committed to providing an environment, which is as safe as possible for all children attending our church or any program, or activity we sponsor.

In addition, Shiloh Baptist is committed to protecting its Youth Workers from unfounded accusations. A Youth Worker means Shiloh Baptist church employees and church member volunteers who supervise or have custody of children less than 18 years of age. The purpose of these policies and procedures is to safeguard:

      • The physical, mental and emotional well-being of all children under age 18 who attend Shiloh Baptist or any program or activity that we sponsor.
      • The reputation of Shiloh Baptist church leaders and workers.
      • The integrity of Shiloh Baptist both internally and within the community. All Youth Workers must complete a Background Investigation Authorization and Release Form. Only those Youth Workers who have successfully passed this screening process may have primary responsibility for the supervision or custody of children under age 18.

Preschool and Children in Sunday School

Our approach to Bible learning is to help preschoolers and children discover foundational Bible truths through Bible stories, teaching pictures, songs and fun activities. Our primary desire is to provide a loving spiritual environment for the building of a personal faith in Jesus Christ as they enter their grade school years. Since we practice believer’s baptism and not infant baptism, we teach preschoolers and children the basic Bible truths like God Made the World, I Am a Special Creation, The Most Important Book –The Bible, Praying and Thanking God, What We Do at Church, Jesus is God’s Son, Families Love One Another, and I Can Choose. We believe through learning these Bible truths within a loving spiritual environment will help children can make an informed decision to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.

There are four basic assumptions, which guide our use of Bible Teaching for Kids.

•   The Bible as our textbook.

•   The Child as learner.

•   The teacher as guide.

•   The parents as primary teachers.

Preschool and Children in Worship

Our desire at Shiloh is to encourage families to worship together though singing, praying, giving and preaching of the Bible. Shiloh provides extended care for preschoolers during the regular worship hours. We have a beeper communication system for location of parents during Sunday School or worship.

The Early Worship Hour (9:00am)

For the early worship service, childcare is provided by age:

Babies – Three years Room 102.

Children ages 4-6 go to worship with their family. After the third song, they leave for IGNITE Kids. Following Children Worship, they are taken to their Sunday School Class.

The Morning Worship Hour (11:00 am)

For the morning worship service, extended childcare is provided by age:

Babies & Toddlers Room 102

Twos / Threes Room 101

Four to Six Sanctuary. Children ages 4-6 go to worship with their family. During the offertory hymn, they leave for Children’s Worship in Room 105.

Preschooler and Children in Missions

Please see the WMU and Baptist Men’s page for information on mission’s education.

Children’s Activity Committee

As part of Shiloh’s ministry, the Children’s Activities Committee reaches out and provides Christian ministry to the children of the church, as well as children in the community. Their goals are:

      • To plan seasonal children’s activity events throughout the church year (such as Fall Festivals, Easter Egg Hunt in the Spring).
      • To plan monthly activities for the children and Pastor’s Pals events (such as Chuck E. Cheeses, Ice Cream Outings, and trips to the zoo).