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This year’s North Carolina Missions Offering theme is “Eyes to See” based on John 4:35: “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for the harvest.” (NKJV). When we have eyes to see people as Jesus did, we are moved to action. The NCMO supports 17 different ministries like church planting, mission camps and disaster relief. Last year Shiloh gave $1,428.00 to support these ministries. Our state goal is 2.1 million. The early church, as described in the book of Acts, was moved to action by the Holy Spirit to share the gospel and care for others. With “Eyes to See,” Peter healed a crippled man. Barnabas sold a piece of property to meet basic needs. Widows were feed. Saul was struck blind but given “Eyes to See” Jesus as Lord. Peter’s eyes were opened to cross over the Jewish –Gentile racial divide. So with “eyes opened,” we see to share the gospel and care for others.

 Coffee – 8:30am | Ignite – 9:00am | Ignite Kids – 9:15am | Small Group Bible Study – 10:00am | Traditional Worship – 11:00am


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