About Shiloh Baptist Church

Pastor's Word

Hello, and thank you for visiting our church website today. I hope that the information provided here will be of great help in your search for a church family.

Shiloh is a strong conservative Bible believing church. Our focuses are on Family, Community and Serving. We use the bible and its teaching on discipleship, evangelism, and missions to inspire our hearts and souls to reach a world in desperate need of hope and healing.

We are a church family that loves to spend time together. Through our Worship services, Sunday School, Ministries, and numerous outreach opportunities both local and around the world; there is more than enough to help us grow closer to the Lord, each other, and those around us.

Our belief is that a strong church encourages strong families. Notice that I did not say “perfect” families. This ole world is tuff and it puts much stress on families. We have all made mistakes and we all carry the scars of those mistakes. That’s why we say, “the Shiloh church family is not perfect, but we do serve a perfect God.” 

Here’s the deal, if you’re looking for a relaxed genuine church family that laughs, cries, and journeys in life together, we may be a good home for you. We’re ordinary folks serving an extraordinary God!

So check out our website and if you feel led, then come by for a visit. Either way, thanks for your visit today, we are honored by your interest. 

Pastor Brad Kelley